Spinal Reflexology

Spinal reflexology treats the body holistically through reflexes associated with the spine and related nerves.  Those reflexes correspond to the two subdivisions of the Nervous System: Central Nervous System (Brain and Spinal Cord) and Peripheral Nervous System (Spinal Nerves). By working these reflexes, the therapist can offer therapy to all parts of the body.

By combining spinal reflexology treatment and aromatherapy, Sakihta can offer an extraordinary holistic treatment for our clients.

Each treatment will start with a consultation and essential oils will be chosen for the client. Those oils will be applied to the feet along the Spinal reflexes for the reflexology portion of the session. The client will then receive a massage to the back and neck using the same essential oil blend.

This treatment has been customized by Sakihta Aromatherapy in order to for clients to receive the most benefits from both a spinal reflexology treatment and aromatherapy bodywork.

$95/ session (55 minutes)