Aromatherapy Massage



The AromaMassage is a massage specific to Clinical Aromatherapists. It incorporates aspects of Swedish, Lymphatic, Accupressure and Muscle relaxation techniques while employing essential oils that have been carefully selected for each and every individual based on their physical and emotional needs. It is a full body massage  which centres on the nerves in the back, neck and face which helps to support the nervous system, circulatory system, and lymphatic system. It truly is a one of a kind treatment as each person will benefit differently based of the ingredients used.

$90/1 hour 

$115/ 1.5 hours

**Note – This massage is performed by a clinical aromatherapist. We are NOT Registered Massage Therapists. Receipts will likely be unable to be covered by health insurance plans unless they specifically cover Aromatherapy services. We will gladly provide names and referrals to high quality RMTs if that is the modality that you are looking for