Facial & Spa Services



The Aromafacial is a treatment which utilizes natural ingredients such as essential oils and natural plant extracts. Each treatment will be customized based on the needs and health of the clients skin and ingredients will be carefully chosen to help promote that health. The facial includes: Cleansing, Steam with Cloth, Toning, Mask, Full head/neck/face massage, and hand-crafted skin care application. The aromafacial is a one of a kind treatment as the products are carefully selected for each and every client. We do not use store bought pre-made products in any of our services.


Speciality Aromafacials

  • Chocolat – Sakihta Aromatherapy facial techniques combined with organic cocoa mask and chocolate essential oil/ almond oil & cocoa butter facial oil massage – Cocoa in skin care has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and can help with skin circulation and hydration.  $100/ session
  • Green Goddess – Sakihta Aromatherapy facial techniques combined with spirulina/ chorella toner, and a seaweed face mask – Seaweed offers superior hydration  as well as being anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. $100/ session



Delicious oils and waxes will be applied to the hands and feet similarly to a paraffin treatment followed by a hand and foot massage. Essential oils to be added dependant on client needs.

$50/ 1/2 hour treatment


Add-on Services

These services can be added on to any services listed above. Please request these add-ons at time of booking to ensure enough time is aloted to your treatment.

  • 10 minutes extra massage time – $10
  • AromaSole – $30