Aesthetic Aromatherapy

Cleopatra is closely associated for her use of expensive perfumes and cosmetics and was known for her beauty. There are records of the use of kohl, henna, and essential oils.


How did we get away from using natural, plant based cosmetics and creams? Through the easy availability of petroleum by-products and their ability to be patented. Not only are these by-products less effective in skin care but there is other evidence that they break down the collagen in the skin. Many synthetic anti-aging products can contribute to the aging process. Now add synthetic dyes and preservatives to the mix which are necessary for long shelf live and for the product to travel long distances to the consumer. I know, I know…. We have become accustomed to ease and accessibility.


So, what can we do differently? What can we do for ourselves to ensure that we are using healthy, natural ingredients? What can we do to make sure that the $150 cream isn’t full of hidden unwanted chemicals? We can use essential oils and we can still use them in creams and lotions that we know have been created using healthy ingredients. This is where an Aromatherapist comes in!!!


Essential oils used in skin care have been gained over thousands of years from many contributing countries. They have wonderful therapeutic and medicinal properties that are recognized all over the world. Each one is like a “Genie in a Bottle”.


Mix some of these “Genies” with some cold pressed vegetable oil or butter and you will have some very happy skin. Cold pressed vegetable oils have vital fatty acids and vitamins that are essential for well-balanced skin.


Let’s look at some of these vegetable oils: Almond oil is nourishing and protecting. Apricot Kernel Oil is similar to almond oil and is beneficial to dry/ mature skin. Borage seed oil is anti-inflammatory and is helpful for eczema, psoriasis and prematurely aging skin. Calendula oil is successful for healing chapped and cracked skin and has been used for hundreds of years due to its amazing healing power. Hazelnut oil is great for acne and helps strengthen capillaries. Macadamia Nut oil is regenerating, anti-aging and is safe for use in babies. Rosehip Seed oil is excellent for tissue regeneration. These are just some of the vegetable oils that we can use to benefit our skin and bodies. Why would we use petroleum by-products if we can use these yummy ingredients in our skin care???


Now let’s delve into some of the best “skin care” essential oils and see what they can do for us and the health of our skin.


Benzoin – rejuvenating, useful for dry/cracked skin

Carrot Seed – antiaging and cell regenerator

Clary Sage – antiaging and cell regenerator

Frankincense – cell regenerator and preserves a youthful complexion

Geranium – balancing effect on sebaceous glands

Lavender – antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, cell regenerator

Myrrh – rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

Neroli – antiaging, cell regenerator, sensitive skin and broken veins

Rose – wrinkle prevention, broken capillaries, mature skin


There are many more essential oils that are great for treating the skin. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Mix a few of these bad boys together and you get a synergy of benefits not seen elsewhere.


A qualified Aromatherapist can work with you to develop a blend that will provide you with a skin care line that has been completely personalized to your needs. You will not get this anywhere else. Now, with every cosmetic line you will have a few options to pick from but not to the extent that you could have. You can have healthy, vital skin care without all the unnecessary garbage and you will know 100% of what is in it. And guess what… if there is something you don’t like, want to add, want to change – YOU have that option and can be feel confident that your Aromatherapist will use her/ his knowledge to create a beautiful and safe blend for you every time.


You decide!!!










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